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Library account 

To be able to borrow items in the library you need a library account and a PIN-code. When you/your children acquire a library account, you agree that you or your child's personal data is in a register, based on GDPR. Data is used and stored in the library's digital system and deleted at your request or if you have not used your library account for five years. You can choose if you want to use your social security number or a library card when you borrow items at the library. You are responsible for everything borrowed on your or your child's library account. The items that you borrow or reserve are listed in the library's computer system. These data are confidential, which means that no unauthorized person can access these. As soon as the items are returned, or eventual debts are paid, the information is deleted from your library account, as long as you have not decided to save your loan history. If you lose your library card, Please report this to us.

Late return

If you do not return borrowed items on time, you will receive an overdue message and be charged with an overdue fine. After the second overdue message, or when your debt exceeds 75 SEK, your library account will be blocked until your debt is paid. Children under 18 do not pay overdue fines, but will be blocked after the second overdue message. If items have not been returned after two reminders, they will be considered lost and a replacement charge will be made. The library will withdraw its claim for compensation if and when such material is returned. Overdue fines, however, will still apply. Fees and fines can be paid via the website or at the library.

Request items 

You may request an item whether it is checked out to another borrower or is on the shelves. Once your item is available, you will get a message and the item will be placed on a self-service hold shelf at your specified library location. lf the library does not have the desired item you can propose to purchase or apply for interlibrary loans (i.e. we borrow the book from another library). The fee for an interlibrary loan is 25 SEK/item and is paid when you collect the item. You can request items, interlibrary loans and propose to purchase via the website, by phone or at the library.

Loan periods

Loan periods vary based on the type of item. You may renew most items three times unless they are required for another borrower or overdue. You can renew via the website, by phone or at the library. You may return borrowed items at any library in Oskarshamn; it does not matter where you checked them out.

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